Carla Fernandez is a Mexican Fashion Designer and the founder of Taller Flora.

Taller Flora is Carla Fernandez’s demi couture line, co-designed by and using the delicate craftsmanship of Mexican artisans. By supporting their immense creativity, their handwork as well as their ideas, this line seeks to prevent the extinction of the Mexican textile tradition.

However, some of these beautiful garments take months to complete. This is not exactly following today’s fast-paced fashion world. To be able to work and grow as a fashion label Carla Fernandez created another, a prêt-à-porter line. This line is fabricated industrially using high quality materials, and – of course – inspired by Mexico.

Carla Fernandez takes her inspiration from traditional Mexican garments, which are built up out of squares and rectangles. Following this ‘DNA’ of Mexican tailoring, Carla Fernandez’s labels have a distinct geometric style.


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